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Fish in the Dark

Fish in the dark is a show that will be premiering on Broadway at the Cort theater in New York from March 5 through to July 19. This shows claim to fame is its writer and cocreator, Larry David. ”.

Larry David is best known for being the creator of Seinfeld as well as the creator of curb your enthusiasm. Fish in the dark is a new comedy that revolves around a family funeral with David playing a character that's very similar to the fictional version of himself on curb your enthusiasm. The theatrical version of Larry David is just as spectacular as the TV version and if you are a fan of Larry David, Seinfeld and curb your enthusiasm this is definitely a show that you should check out. ”.

The ensemble for the show also includes Tony nominee Jane Houdyshell, Rosie Perez, Jerry Adler, Jake Cannondale and Tony award winner Anna D. Shapiro. This star-studded cast takes us on a two-hour journey through the perils of family life with a quirky yet hilarious and set of scenes. ”.

This play is best recommended for mature teenagers and adults. Most of the material is suitable for all ages by quite a lot of the jokes may not be well understood by children from younger generations. This content isn't appropriate for children under the ages of 11 and children under the age of four will not be permitted to enter the show. ”.

If you are looking for a whole area since cynical show to enjoy at the court theater get your tickets through till July 16. There are several weekly matinees available at 2 PM and most of the shows take place at either 7 PM or 8 PM in the evening. ”.

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